B4 Limits is a vertically integrated firmware, hardware and software design & development company possessing 250 years of cumulative design and development experience. Our mission is to create, through value added services, custom made, rational solutions, support our partners within larger projects and to optimize existing code both in high and low level programming languages. Our team experience also encompasses 138 unique skills and competencies.
Our staff, consisting of high-level engineers, 6 of whom have PhD degrees in Information Technology, is based in Bialystok and is closely aligned with the Białystok University of Technology (one of the best universities in Poland), ensuring access to promising, enthusiastic and competent engineering graduates.
B4 Limits is guided by values of equality, responsibility and tolerance as well as equal pay principals for all, which creates a strong team oriented environment and foundation for positive work space. To this end B4 Limits has joined on as a signatory of Responsible Business Forum in Poland.
We are passionate and dedicated in the fulfillment of our common IT goals – from prototype or commercialisation to a supporting role in the form of executing any project as part of your team!
We are IT!
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